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Beyond Sourcing Properties, We can strategize your next move!

HMO (House Multiple Occupancy)

Instead of letting the property by the house or flat to one family tenant, you let out individual rooms to increase the income, cash flow & yield. The more rooms you can carve out of the unit, the higher the income. We can assure that you stay ahead of the competition with creative positioning and Lower cost properties generating upward of 13% Yields.


Buy to let is the more commonly known strategy but without a doubt a sure way to make long-term cash flow and equity. They contain the least risk, you can get lending on them the most easily and they are the easiest to manage. With our Guidance we can help you build up a good-sized portfolio in a relatively short space of time, Certainly increasing cash flow per unit, and protect your money from low-interest rates and inflation.


Buying, refurbishing and selling a residential property is known as flipping and those who use this strategy could be referred to as a ˜trader” rather than ˜Investors”. If you are looking for a bigger cash-out opportunity in the short term or you want to maximise your Investment. Then flipping could fit your vision. We have typically seen Clients make up to £15k in as little as 6 months.

Interested in getting advice on which Investment Strategy could benefit you the most? Get in touch with us today and we can draw
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